Terms of Use

Welcome to the page to familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions! Please do not neglect to read this document, as it is vital to comprehend the website's working principles. This information explains:

  • Opening an account;
  • Registered guest's information;
  • Deposits;
  • Withdrawals;
  • Legality;
  • Unlawful activity;
  • Privacy.

Opening an Account

When unregistered guests are in the process of account creation, they must:

  • Provide accurate information that the form demands;
  • Make sure that VPN is not active;
  • Not submit fake information;
  • Verify their data pieces and confirm everything is correct.

If we do not have access to full, correct, and accurate information, we may not provide services to you. Please note that you may require rectifications if you notice an error later. You may also ask for corrections if you see that your information is insufficient.

Every unregistered guest may create only one account. The website does not allow having more than one account for one name, IP, and device. Please remember that duplicate accounts get erased without notification. We may also confiscate the credits and winnings when we detect duplicate accounts.

You cannot open accounts for robotic performance. The website's administration does not tolerate the usage of bots to get an extra advantage.

Registering an account means agreeing to follow all the listed rules. Violation of rules might lead to account termination. Violations may also trigger an official investigation if we detect unlawful activity.

Please keep your information up-to-date.

Registered Guest's Information

We store your information in an encoded database. The administration does not intend to share your information with third parties. Please analyze our Privacy Policy for more details.

Note that every registered member is responsible for their information. Please make sure that you have not posted your information on the open-source intentionally or accidentally. Do not share your details with suspicious users. Do not tell your information to users who mimic employees.


All deposits are instant. You can make a deposit using various payment tools. The establishment does not charge the registered guests for deposits. Please note that financial institutions might incorporate fees.

We may credit your account only after we obtain proof of payment. If there was a payment, but the credits did not appear, please contact support. We may ask for proof of payment to confirm that you have made a transaction. If the investigation shows a corresponding action, we will do everything to restore your resources.

We believe that all deposits on your account are your action. That belief is axiomatic before proving that the deposit has happened without your consent. If you did not intend to deposit to your account, please talk to our support for instructions.


All withdrawals appear on the same payment tool that was your preferred option for depositing. We do not charge the registered guests for withdrawals. Yet, note that there might be fees and commissions by financial institutions that provide services to you.

You may demand a withdrawal when:

  • We have confirmed all your deposits;
  • There were no canceled and reversed deposits;
  • You have verified your identity;
  • You have met all withdrawing conditions (for instance, wagering demands).

Please note that bonus resources are not for withdrawals.

We may not approve your withdrawal if we detect suspicious or unlawful activity.


The registered guests are responsible for researching if their country allows gambling. Please do not use VPN and other tools that allow bypassing juristic restrictions. We may delete any account that belongs to a player who uses the website in controversy to the jurisdiction.

The casino is not responsible for tax information. We do not notify your local tax or authorities about the income you obtain. Every player must notify the authorities alone.

Unlawful Activity

The registered guests must not take any illegal actions. Also, no player must violate the stated rules.

Violations that lead to account termination are:

  • When you create multiple accounts;
  • When you use bots to automate processes and gain an extra profit;
  • When you organize or take part in collisions to gain an extra profit;
  • When you exploit a system error;
  • When you transfer resources from one account to another.

Violations that lead to account termination and examination by authorities as third parties:

  • Using a payment tool that does not belong to you (for instance, a stolen card);
  • Using a cloned card;
  • Any other form of fraud;
  • Bypassing juristic restrictions to access the website.

If it is fraudulent, unlawful, or other suspicious activity, we may confer your data to authorities. You agree to contribute to the investigation. It is not our responsibility if members take illegal actions.


Your information remains confidential. We do not share your data with alien parties. We may use your information for:

  • Services providing;
  • Audience research with our partners;
  • Personalization of the services for you;
  • Other legal reasons.

Please note that we may disclose your information to official institutions. That may occur if there is an investigation of unlawful activity. You may familiarize yourself with your Privacy Policy whenever.