Privacy Policy

We welcome you to read the document about the privacy policy principles and practices. The document elucidates the matters of:

  • Collected data;
  • Ways of data usage;
  • Ways of data collection;
  • Data’s time of relevance;
  • The registered guests’ rights;
  • Security systems.

Please do not neglect to learn this document to avoid controversies and technical issues. By registering, you agree to the elucidated rules automatically. If we alter the document’s contents, we will notify you immediately.

Collected Data

The website requires several pieces of data to function properly. First and foremost, you must provide an email and create a password. Those details are essential to identify and keep you in the system.

Also, we may require:

  • Name;
  • Age;
  • Country;
  • Information about the preferred currency;
  • Information about the preferred language;
  • Payment tool details;
  • Your session’s timings;
  • IP address, and other details.

Please ensure that your details are accurate. All the listed data pieces are essential and affect how you may use the website. If you do not provide any of the details, we may not permit you to perform some actions on the website. If you know there is a mistake, please demand rectifications.

Ways of Data Usage

We collect essential information to:

  • Provide services to you;
  • Process payments;
  • Allow you to use the maximum functionality of the website;
  • Fix information about your preferences to personalize your experience;
  • Estimate projects’ success for potential enhancements;
  • Improve usability;
  • Enhance advertisement pieces;
  • Identify you and other guests;
  • Protect you and other guests from fraud and other unlawful actions;
  • To examine violations of the policies.

Your information is not for third parties. We use the data pieces solely in the frames of our group. We may share this information with sibling companies that assist us with:

  • Service providing;
  • Audience research;
  • Investigations to solve arisen issues.

Yet, your information stays confidential regardless of the procedures.

Ways of Data Collection

There are several ways we obtain information about you. The actants of conferring are:

You, as a website user

You provide us with vital information during registering. We mark your data as accurate and usable after you verify the details. Please check the accuracy of your statements. If there is insufficient information or mistakes, please order a rectification. We might not provide any services to you if we detect fake information.

Your device

Using our website means interacting with its products and services. We store that information, such as:

  • What pages do you visit;
  • How much time you spend on a page;
  • Other forms of communication with the website;
  • IP data;
  • Hardware details;
  • Operating system.

That information is relevant for activity monitoring. Also, we must know the details to make the website’s display convenient for guests.


The temporary files identify you and store information about your IP address. Note that the mentioned files function when you are scanning the tab. Closing the tab means terminating the files’ functioning.

  • There are various cookie files. Given the type, they might serve to:
  • Fix information about your sessions’ timing;
  • Prove that it is you who has entered the account;
  • Provide services;
  • Use content that fits your preferences and for other purposes.

You may disable cookie files as soon as you enter the website. You may also disable them later. Yet, note that blocking the temporary files might lead to having restricted opportunities with the website. You can always enable cookies back, but it is advisable to accept essential cookies.

Data’s Time of Relevance

The information pieces we collect, process, and store are relevant when you are a member of our establishment. We delete all information when you ask for erasure, as it is not relevant for us after your deletion. We may also delete that information if we terminate the account. That might happen after detecting and confirming the suspicious activity.

There are pieces of information that are not relevant to us regardless of the type. First and foremost, we have no intention of storing children’s information. When we detect data about users younger than 18 y.o., we erase the information immediately.

The Registered Guests’ Rights

Every guest has the right to:

Have full elucidation of the policies. We propagate transparency principles. Thus, you may access our documents whenever. If there are any unclear points, you may ask the support for further explanation.

  1. Access their details. You may order a document that contains your information. Please contact the support if you need a copy.
  2. Correction. If there is an error or you want your information to be more accurate, please order rectification. It is advisable to perform that action as soon as possible when you notice a mistake.
  3. Erase the data. You may ask us to remove information about you from the database. Please contact the support for instructions.
  4. Notify us about information about children. If you detect an account that belongs to a child, please let us know. We have no intention to keep information about children. If they have used a VPN and fake information, we will erase the account immediately.
  5. Leave feedback. Every registered guest has the right to leave comments and confer information to us in any form. Please note that we do not allow abusive and offensive language.

Security Systems

The website functions under a modern security system that prevents hacker/cracker attacks. All information is under complex encryption, making it unreadable to intruders. Yet, we must highlight that no security system protects players who share their details with suspicious parties. Please make sure that your information like email and password stays confidential.