Maintaining health at home and applying social distancing rules during the pandemic season may have caused its own boredom, but inevitably you have to apply these rules.

It is unclear when this pandemic will end certainly burden the mind, especially coupled with a body that is less actively moved, could actually make your health condition so drop.

Do not let the intention to stay away from the virus actually makes you stressed and cause other diseases.

Well, here are some tips that you need to do to maintain health at home during the co-19 pandemic season.

Move Body

Home is different from the gym where you usually exercise, but remember that you still have to stay physically active. By being physically active, you can control your weight and prevent diseases such as type 2 diabetes, stroke, or high blood pressure.

Moving for 5 minutes between work hours or by walking inside the house or stretching can improve blood and muscle circulation. Let your body move even though it is light to stay active and healthy.

For sports, you can do sports without tools such as going up and down stairs, stretching, jogging, or zumba. On the internet there are also many online sports classes where you can participate with friends.

reading books

Now is the right time to look back at the collection of books you have. By reading a book you can divert your mind from things that create stress that can cause the emergence of various diseases.


Meditation to calm the mind and keep it away from stress can be the right choice. Now many applications on smartphones can be downloaded as a guide so you can meditate calmly.

For those of you who normally take yoga classes, let’s hold your mat and do poses that you can. This is the right time for you to perfect your yoga poses while meditating calmly.

Eat healthy

While at home, online snacks are indeed a very tempting choice especially if you are bored with home food. Whatever it is, make sure you still meet balanced nutrition so the body stays healthy.

As an alternative, you can also try to make new recipes that your friends share on social media or from the internet. By self-cooking, you know the cleanliness and food ingredients that you make, so you can ensure its safety.

sharing information

In the midst of an era where everything moves so fast like now, information is one thing that you must pay attention to. When a pandemic occurs, a lot of information will pass around and not all of it is fun.

Getting good and proper information about COVID-19 is important, but make sure you get valid and official information. Follow the information from WHO, trusted news channels and social media accounts so that you do not panic with information related to covid-19.

Keep the smartphone if you feel the information you get actually makes you stressed. Share your time well, and stay away for a moment from information and things that weigh on the mind


When you are home alone without anyone else, lest you become anti-social. Contact parents, relatives, friends, or spouses to just ask questions and talk so you don’t feel alone all the time.

Enough rest

Make it a habit to keep sleeping and wake up on time in accordance with the habits so that you still get adequate rest.

Lack of activity makes people vulnerable to staying up late and ignoring their nightly sleep obligations. Though sleep at night is very important especially to maintain body immunity.

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