Depression is a common mental health problem, can cause a period of prolonged sadness and trigger suicidal thoughts.

On the other hand, stress is also a common and serious problem, but it is often underestimated and considered a part of everyday life.

For information, depression and stress are different things. Both have different symptoms, both when felt by themselves, friends, family members, and colleagues.

Psychiatrist dr. Dimitrios Paschos said, depression is a clinical condition that has several clear symptoms.

“This is a common disease that attacks a large number of the world’s population. Just like cardiovascular disorders, depression is categorized as a disease,” he said.

Unlike depression, which is classified as a disease, stress is said to be present in millions of forms and has different meanings for everyone. Is it stressful because of family problems, work and financial pressure, also loneliness.

Something that is considered by someone as a daily task and can be solved easily, can be a source of stress for others. So, according to Paschos, stress is more difficult to define.

“Stress is not a term we refer to in medical terms. Even so, we have many ways to measure anxiety. Many people say ‘stress’ even though they actually talk about anxiety,” he explained.

Anxiety, in a clinical context, means two things. First, the response from the body – for example when you feel tense, the heart beats faster, has difficulty maintaining balance, and sweats when something bad will happen.

In addition, there is a component of thinking. Usually people will continue to worry or reflect. With this, stress can be associated with anxiety problems.

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In a more concise sentence, the pharmacist, Kevin Leivers, explained the difference. “Depression is continuous sadness over a long period of time and requires treatment. While stress is formed from emotional and mental stress,” Kevin explained.

Although it can increase risk, stress is not defined as a mental illness.

Dr. Jane Devenish, pharmacist from NHS Standards and Services, acknowledged that the symptoms of these two conditions sometimes overlap. He also explained the difference.

“Significantly, depression is different from stress. When you have depression, your mood is always bad and it affects everyday life. Meanwhile, stress is just one of the triggers,” Devenish said.

Just like stress, depression can also cause symptoms of physical pain. In addition, emotional symptoms disturb concentration and the way you look at yourself.

When people are depressed, generally they will feel hopeless, isolated, not feeling connected with others, and no longer enjoying their lives. If not treated immediately, depression will make someone want to commit suicide.

People with depression need help from experts. Can be in the form of drugs or therapy.

If you see friends or family who show signs of depression such as withdrawing from the social circle, ignoring things that are usually liked, and always giving up, don’t judge them.

“If your acquaintances experience depression symptoms, the best thing to do is to make sure they know that you care and can tell stories at any time,” Devenish concluded.


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