Smartphones are the most common communication tool encountered or used by users. This object is also often held or carried traveling whenever and wherever.

Is it true that smartphones have radiation that triggers cancer? A study conducted by the United States National Toxicology Program (NTP) proved to be surprising.

They revealed the true effects of exposure to radiation produced by smartphones.

One senior NTP scientist, John Bucher, said that they had been studying this to mice. One mouse was exposed to smartphone radiation, while the other did not get radiation.

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“The results are very astonishing, namely that both mice have the same level of health, even mice exposed to radio frequency radiation (RFR) have a longer lifespan compared to mice that are not exposed,” John said as quoted from the New York Post page.

In this study also revealed that there was no association between cancer and cellular telephone radiation. John said that the radiation would not interfere with human health at all.

Even so, he said that smartphone users to keep using smartphones wisely. One of them is to not make calls too long if using a telephone directly.

In addition, during sleep, try not to put the gadget under the pillow, but placed as far as possible from the head. This is because radio frequency radiation can disturb the user’s sleep.


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