– Have you ever wondered where the virus came from? Researchers in Spain now know where the viruses come from. In fact, scientists have long suspected the flow of virus that surrounds the earth. Precisely, the flow of this virus is above the earth weather system but under the plane’s travel path. Unfortunately, few people study this field. This is why only the number of viruses known to the Spanyol team surprised many. The findings of Spanish researchers, every day, at least 800 million viruses flow into every square meter of the planet. Most viruses spread into the air through a spray of seawater, while a small part reaches humans in a dust storm.

“Without being hindered by friction with the surface of the Earth, you can travel long distances and intercontinental easily,” said Curtis Suttle, a virologist at the University of British Columbia, Canada, quoted by the New York Times, Friday (13/04/2018) . “(For the virus), it’s not unusual to find it swept from Africa all the way to North America,” he continued. Dr. Suttle and his colleagues study this is the first in counting the number of viruses that fall to Earth. However, the study published in the International Society of Microrobial Ecology Journal is not designed to count certain viruses but the total number of so-called “virosphere”. Generally, it is assumed that the virus coming from earth flies up. But some researchers theorize that the virus may actually come from the atmosphere.

Virus and Oxygen

Viruses and their prey have a big role in the world’s ecosystems. Much research has been shown to fact the virus process into our understanding of how the earth works. “If you can weigh all the living matter in the ocean, 95 percent is something you can not see, and they are responsible for providing half the amount of oxygen on the planet,” Suttle said. In a laboratory experiment, Suttle tries to filter the virus from seawater and separates its prey, bacteria.

When this is done, the plankton in the water begins to stop growing. The reason is that the virus infects one of the microbial species, they release the nutrients in it like nitrogen. This then feeds other bacterial species. This is the same as a deer killed by a wolf. The rest of the deer’s body becomes food for crows and other species. In the case of viruses and microbes, plankton grows from the released nutrients. As plankton grows, they take on carbon dioxide and create the oxygen that is essential to life on earth. The study also reported that the virus in the ocean causes trillions of infections every second. This destroys about 20 percent of all bacterial cells in the ocean each day.



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