Ketosis is a condition where the body produces ketones, ketones are the fuel source of energy derived from fat and can be used by all cells (except liver) and ketones is nice, especially the brain can not burn fat but often addiction to sugar, nah ketones are the source fuel for the brain that is superior glucose.

Ketosis which is nutrient means the ketogenic diet by limiting the intake of carbohydrates so that the body produces ketone levels that can be measured in the blood of more than 0.5mm up ideally no more than 3-5 mM only for the purpose of health (not even make sick). Condition, the hormone insulin and sugar levels in the blood should be low.

Ketoacidosis: This is a condition of the disease, which is the impact of diabetics (it could be due to alcohol) and with high blood sugar but the level of ketones in the blood can be more than 10 mM and even several-fold higher (here ketoacidosis dangerous please distinguish the condition of ketosis on a ketogenic diet that is healthy).

Keto-Adaptation is a period where your body is using fat as a primary fuel for power, it took several months until the body is inefficient and sometimes ketone wasted little so when measured ketonnya not as high as at the beginning of which is still not effective and ketonnya much wasted.

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What is the origin of ketones?

Ketones derived from saturated fat to be oxidized in the liver in the form of fatty acids, and the result of fats that are not oxidized to be converted into a ketone, in the form of AcAC or acetoacetate and β-hydroxybutyrate as a substitute energy source glucose.

For example in the human brain that has been limiting the intake of carbohydrates will replace glucose and ketones as fuel energy.
Ketone is what makes humans could survive extinction.

If there are times of hardship, hunger, difficult to get a game or food, the human brain can remain active by using ketones derived from these fats even though no food or glucose intake of carbohydrate / sugar.

In a controversial experiment in the 1960s, some people made famine for several weeks. Keton levels rose to more than 5 mM, and then injected insulin!
His blood sugar dropped dramatically because of this insulin injections of 70 mg / dL to 25 mg / dL, whether they were directly lying on the floor and in a coma? Apparently not, with such a low blood sugar that they can remain alive and there are no symptoms of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar due to the condition of ketosis.

Differences with eating carbohydrate / sugar that is bad metabolism, had been eating instead sleepy and hungry again a short time later.

Ketosis conditions, especially those already adapted into a fat-burning (keto-adapted) like to have endless energy. Some athletes in the US already strong keto-adapted to run hundreds of kilometers for a dozen hours, were able to paddle up to thousands of kilometers for several days across the Pacific ocean.

So, let’s make optimal body’s metabolism with the ketogenic diet.

keto food

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