ketosis conditions are good for health with ketoacidosis which is a disease, the difference can be up to tens-fold difference.

Very low carbohydrate meal plus fasting and exercise will produce high levels of ketones optimal for good health.

While ketoacidosis that certain conditions in diabetics, which means there is a problem in the hormone insulin and high blood sugar makes the blood pH is very acidic and dangerous.

Ketoacidosis and ketosis, the two conditions are much different.


Optimal levels of ketones in the ketogenic diet is 1 mM to 4 mM, after it is ketosis of starvation and furthermore is sick ketoacidosis but that will not happen if the hormone insulin us fine.

This system has been designed such that the sophistication of the human body for millions of years.

Unfortunately many modern humans had unknowingly damage the system’s hormonal balance.


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