For people who want to lose weight, or just want to be healthy and strong is usually a diet and exercise. The variety of sports there are aerobics, weightlifting, HIIT, etc. But the point is moving on.

Yet the most significant in weight loss is diet rather than exercise, but diet that there is a lot of stuff. And diets that there are different types and different until there were contradictory.

Which diet is the most ideal?

Actually, any type of diet was useless, because the diet is usually only temporary, so the weight has dropped, the diet was stopped. Finally, because the root of the main problem is not corrected (ie hormonal imbalance, especially insulin), many diets fail in the long run.
Weight back up, even if one by one diet, your metabolism can be damaged.
The best thing is to change the diet, life-long run most healthful diet to regulate internal hormonal balance in the body. One of the most optimal diet for hormonal balance is the ketogenic diet, or so-called keto diet. What is the ketogenic diet, let’s look at a presentation directly from one of the experts this diet.

Professor Dr. Jeff Volek has been studying for 15 years about how the impact of carbohydrate restriction on humans. And he has studied all the research low-carbohydrate diets that have been studied over the past several decades. This is important especially for us humans Indonesia which most have very dependence metabolism even addicted to carbohydrates, especially rice and snacks.

Why is it important to limit carbohydrates? Instead carb / sugar source of energy?

The problem is, the fuel tank of carbohydrates in our body that are very small, while the fuel storage tanks of fat in the body can be tremendous.

Which is better to be a source of energy?

Look for a source of energy that has the highest energy reserves that are by nature man is a natural fuel: fat. Calories from fat stored can be dozens of times or even hundreds of times (for those who are overweight) more than the calories of sugar tank, why do not we take advantage of the many fats as fuel energy?

This fact most people accumulate fat with excess carbohydrate consumption.
How can human beings eat excessive carbohydrate / sugar? Let’s look at the process.

Saves human power can be compared to the fuel tank, there is a tank carbo small (only about 2000 calories most full) and there is a grease tank that magnitude could be tens of thousands of calories.

Furthermore, if we eat foods that are high in carbohydrates that after ingested, all the carbohydrates it will be sugar in the blood. Glucose can result from eating carbohydrates than tenfold the amount of sugar in the blood is only a spoonful of two tablespoons in 5-6 liters of blood. The increase in blood sugar is dangerous (remember only diabetes), the body exert hormone insulin to lower it. Insulin directs carbohydrates that have become this glucose into a holding tank called glycogen in muscle and liver. In the tank glycogen in the liver and unloading only 100 grams, the rest of the sugar is converted into fat triglycerides and saturated alias directed to the storage tank of fat in the body.

keto timetable

After the action of insulin, blood sugar will drop even tend to be low. It makes people so weak and wanted to return to eating or snacking on sweet things.
Insulin distribute confectionery results from the digestion of carbohydrates to the body’s cells A case of brain and muscle to be burned immediately or stored.

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Worse, during a still high insulin levels in the body, fats are not used.
Stops fat burning and fat oxidation so disturbed. Stored fat alone, buried and buried more and more.


If you are still healthy, glucose as a result of eating carbs will be burnt in the brain and muscles and stored as glycogen in the muscles. But for those who have excessive eating carbohydrate / sugar every day for years, would have been disturbed metabolism. This makes sugar metabolism disorders directed the hormone insulin to the liver and therefore has little glycogen tank here (just as buffers that keep blood sugar levels), then there was the process of lipogenesis.

Lipogenesis is the manufacture of saturated fats or triglycerides from glucose. Then saturated fat is packed with VLDL cholesterol transport into the bloodstream. The tip from the start was not optimal metabolism are problems in the circulatory or heart disease, overweight to obesity, and type 2 diabetes.
If you continue to eat high carbohydrate when the hormone insulin is already problematic (hyperinsulinemia and resistant), the tank will be growing fat, the body becomes fat or skinny but still high blood fat and fatty liver.

fat for fuel

Is the optimal metabolic switch from digesting carbohydrates into fat metabolism based.

Being a true fat burner.

Even 98 per cent of people throughout its history (hundreds of thousands to millions of years ago as the early humans) to use fat as a primary fuel, is only just the last few years, humans began to consume carbohydrates since the days of agriculture.

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Consumption of carbohydrates so sugars cause many problems in addition to metabolism, overweight, to diabetes. Carbohydrate metabolism generates free radicals yan pressing endurance and adverse health and ROS (reactive oxygen species) which can damage DNA, protein as well as fat, cells, enzymes, cause tumors and cancers.

Metabolism is made of fat will produce ketones instead of glucose and decrease of ROS in the process of burning energy in the mitochondria within cells. Being fat burner means reducing the risk of overweight or garbled metabolism, and avoid diabetes. Board become more fit and active!
Now, the world of high-performance athletes also take advantage of the ketogenic diet with fat and ketone fueled for maximum achievement.
Athletes who fueled carbohydrate (carb-loading with the term) will be prone bonking alias exhausted with sugar tank is small compared grease tank.
To become a fat burner we have to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates, including sugar.

A study shows for several weeks reduced carbohydrate intake, increased fat oxidation or burning up if the consumption of carbohydrate / sugar again raised, the burning of fat to be reduced again.


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