All living things will surely see death aka death. The question is what is dead definition?

The World of Medicine establishes three phases of death. Starting from clinical death, brain death, to the final phase of biological death in which the body becomes rigid and the process of decay begins. But asserting a person is dead medically is not easy. There is a long process and some are still not understood, leading to the final phase of a person actually considered biologically dead.

Clinical Death and Suspended Animation

The first phase is called clinical death marked by the cessation of breathing and heart rate. In this phase, the impulse of the brain fades and the senses no longer react. If a person is fitted with a medical device, it will be seen on the monitor that the curve is flat and no longer beats. In this phase there is often near-death experience (NDE). In Indonesia, NDE is also known as suspended animation.

People who have been declared “clinically dead” and then live again often tell similar stories. They see that the “spirit” flies out of the body. See the beautiful scenery and brilliant from above. The testimony of some people mentions that they saw a beam of bright light at the end of the tunnel.

Some medical cases prove, there are people who have been declared clinically dead for several minutes, can live again after undergoing the process of clinical reanimation. For example with heart massage, artificial breathing, defibrillator use and other medical measures.

There are then healthy living but there is also a health impact.

Brain Death

The second phase of death is called the Dead Brain. At this stage all brain functions stop. Patients usually can still “live” because of assisted medical devices, such as pacemaker and other respiratory devices. Doctors usually decide that important organs are available to donate in this second phase. important organs still function in this phase, although there is no control of the brain. But many people criticize the body’s organ transplant practice. They raised objections, because the brain’s dead phase is also difficult to confirm with certainty. Unfortunately, if you wait for the third phase of death, biological death, the body organs that are taken also no longer useful, because it is dead.

Biological Death

The phase of biological death is characterized by the death of billions of body cells. Because there is no cell regeneration, the signs of kematin are clearly visible. The skin of the body shows the spots of death and the body becomes stiff. The process of decay also begins and takes place quickly. In this phase there is no doubt. that living things are dead.

But man is a social and civilized being. In various religions and traditions, there is a ritual of remembering and honoring the deceased family members. Even in today’s Internet age, the dead still live alive even virtually.


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