Researchers in Sweden are interested in deepening the findings about creative people tend to experience mental health disorders. Apparently, the results that have been reported in The British Journal of Psychiatry have proved so. The team works by collecting 4.5 million medical records in Sweden from various educational backgrounds. But the researchers focused more on analyzing the health records of samples enrolled in the arts. The results show, respondents who engaged in the creative industry 90 percent likely to get schizophrenia at the age of 30s. Researchers have compared it with respondents who struggled in other fields. Meanwhile, the risk of creative people suffering from bipolar is 62 percent. Then, there is also the potential to experience depression as much as 39 percent for creative beings. Also read: Watch out, Sleeping with Dim Light can Trigger Depression

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Not the First Find

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, this study is not the first in declaring a link between creative people and mental disorders. In 2010, there were findings about the similarity of schizophrenia patients and creative people based on the results of their brains. Then, by 2015, the study says that creative people are more likely to get schizophrenic and bipolar.

Why is that?

Researchers are still exploring why people have a greater chance of experiencing mental disorders. Temporary suspicion, the desire to keep thinking of getting the best and latest makes the emotions of creative people up and down. From there, arise the potential for depression.

Bipolar itself arises because creative people generally have excessive energy and the will that burst while working. There are also genetic factors that make creative people vulnerable to mental health disorders, so says lead researcher, James McCabe. “Creativity often spawned an idea that no one ever thought of,” he added to New Scientist, quoted from IFL Science, Wednesday (9/5/2018).


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