The health practitioner, who is also an obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. I Made Oka Widiabdi Husada SpOG, said the symptoms would appear in patients with cervical cancer after entering an advanced stage.

“As with most cancers, in the early stages of cervical cancer it is asymptomatic, but once the new stages are visible symptoms appear,” said Dr. Oka as a speaker Health Seminar Prevention and Early Detection of Prostate Cancer and Cervical Cancer, in Denpasar

At a seminar held at GBI Rock Lembah Pujian Denpasar, he said the earliest symptoms can be seen is the emergence of vaginal discharge, but not healed, despite receiving treatment.

At an advanced stage, he said, patients with cervical cancer during intercourse will produce blood. “In the higher stages, although not doing anything, will bleed by itself because of the fragility of the cervical condition,” he said.

“In Indonesia, cervical cancer is the second leading cause of death for women and it is estimated that every hour there are women who die from this cancer,” said Dr. Oka.

servical cancer

According to him, quite sad if you see the high number of cases of cervical cancer patients (cervical cancer) that, when actually can be prevented.

“The numbers are still high because of the awareness of our society is lacking. There are still embarrassed to check, there is a presume if check later discovered the illness. Yet now there are many prevention methods through vaccination and examination, “he said.

Doctors who served in Bali Med Hospital and RS Surya Husadha said, if only cervical cancer is known under the first stage will be cured 100 percent.

Prevention can be through the HPV vaccination and also papsmear examination. The vaccination would be very effective if given to women who have not had sexual intercourse or effective targets were around the age of 10-25 years.

“What can be affected is a woman who is already sexually active and during this case has never been found in women who have not been sexually active,” said Dr. Oka.

Meanwhile, Dr. dr Gede Wirya Kusuma Duarsa, MKes SpU delivered materials on prevention and early detection of prostate cancer. Risk factors for cancer patients in terms of heredity, race, diet, diet and so forth.

“In Indonesia, 58 percent of patients come to see themselves after an advanced stage, because no symptoms. If any symptoms, such as normal prostate enlargement is not complete urination, and back and forth urinate during the night, “he said.

For prevention, continued Dr. Wirya, is to do early detection. Usually in patients with a family history there is suffering from cervical cancer, should “screening” done from the age of 40 years.

Chairman of the PDP Seminar Committee Lukas Bundi added, with the implementation of the health seminar is expected to increase insight from the church congregation and will improve the health status.

“We do routinely conduct health seminars by taking various themes. At least twice a year, in addition we also often hold blood donation activities, “said Lukas Bundi.


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