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Well, what causes headaches?
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            Based on the cause, headaches can be grouped into two types, namely headaches that are not related to other diseases or primary headaches, and headaches due to other diseases or secondary headaches.

Primary Headaches

            Primary headaches are headaches that have no other causes behind them, but are purely caused by problems with structures in the head that are too sensitive to pain. The condition also involves blood vessels, muscles, head nerves, and neck. Some common examples of primary headaches include:

  • Tense headaches.
  • Migraine.
  • Cluster headaches.

            Some factors that influence the occurrence of primary headaches include:

  • Disorders of the neck and head muscles.
  • Chemical activity in the brain.
  •  Blood vessels or nerves.

            The causes of primary headaches can then be differentiated depending on the type of hereditary, namely:

  • Cluster headache

            Cluster headaches (headaches) are claimed to be the most severe type of headaches. The pain was relatively constant and bad enough that most people could not sit still when an attack came. The headache attacks usually appear suddenly, last for 15 minutes to 3 hours, and occur repeatedly in a day. These headaches can occur once a day or up to 8 times a day.

  • Migraine headaches

            Migraine is a throbbing headache that usually only feels in one part of the head, whether right or left. Until now the cause of migraine can not be ascertained. However, migraines may be caused by genetic factors, hormonal changes, stress, excessive consumption (alcohol, caffeine, or certain additives), and / or exposure to the surrounding environment such as bright lights or extreme weather changes.

  • Tension headache

            Tension headaches are the most common type of primary headache among adults and adolescents. The pain is relatively mild, which can last for 30-60 minutes, feels coming and going with time. The cause of this headache is muscle tension in the back of the head and neck. The trigger can be stressful,

  • Hypnosis headaches

            Hypnosis headaches are a rare type and usually occur around the 50s. This condition makes you suddenly wake up at night and can last up to 3 hours. Doctors are not sure what causes hypnotic headaches. However, current research suggests hypnosis headaches are associated with: Problems at certain stages of sleep. Certain sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea. High blood pressure at night.

Secondary Headaches

            Secondary headaches are usually caused by active nerve pain in the head due to an illness. Common causes of secondary headaches include:

  • Flu.
  •  Ear infections.
  • Sinusitis
  •  Tooth problems.
  • Excessive consumption of MSG.
  • Consumption of food or drinks that are too cold suddenly.

            In addition, secondary headaches can be triggered by a number of other external factors that are not medical problems, such as:

  • Take headache medicine too often

            The use of excessive headache medicine can actually cause a boomerang effect. This condition is called rebound headache, which usually occurs starting in the morning and lasts throughout the day. This can also cause other symptoms such as neck pain, anxiety, nasal congestion, and sleep disturbance.

  • Hangover

            Pengar aka hangover is a collection of symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, confusion, thirst, and feeling unwell after drinking alcohol. Headaches due to hangovers can be felt on both sides of the head, which are exacerbated by sudden movements. Usually you also experience nausea and are more sensitive to light.

  • Dehydration

            Dehydration is a condition when the body does not have enough fluid intake. This makes the brain contract because of lack of oxygen, causing a sense of sakri. Pain due to dehydration headaches can occur on the front, back, side, or in all parts of the head.

  • Body posture

            Don’t be mistaken. Poor posture can be a cause of headaches. Slouching posture when standing or sitting for long periods can cause the muscles around the neck, upper back, and shoulders to be stretched and tightened. Headaches due to muscle tension are usually in the form of throbbing pain at the base of the skull.

  • Food

            Foods that are smoked, acidified, dried, or heated several times, tend to contain sulfites which can dilate your blood vessels. This can be a cause of your headaches, especially those that appear right after eating. Cheese, turkey, and dark chocolate (dark chocolate) also contain sulfite which can be a cause of headaches in some people.

  • Irregular sleep schedule

            Irregular sleep schedule can be one of the causes of headaches. Many people “reply” to stay up late during the working day by getting up during the weekends. It’s best to stay awake at the same time every day, including weekends. This is the best way to keep your sikardian rhythm consistent. If you don’t want this reason to be the cause of your headaches, add a nap on your weekend.

  • Stare at the gadget screen

            Staring at a computer screen all day can be a cause of headaches. The reason is, this habit can put excessive pressure on your eyes. Similarly, the screen of your smart phone.

Now that’s the discussion guys about the causes of headaches Always take care of your health See you later


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