First – all we must realize that the keys of coronary heart disease cure lies in “”How do we remove plaque blockages in our blood vessels”” not on “”How to dilute our blood””.

Although relatively new, but in line with the development of nano technology that have occurred since the 2000s has achieved a breakthrough. A modern breakthrough gives new hope for patients with coronary heart disease and other cardiovascular outcomes such as ischemic stroke (blockage).

Thrombus / Plaque blockage


Clogging plaques / thrombus found on the walls of our blood vessels are formed from the binding process between fibrin and cholesterol were also accompanied hardening by calcium and free radicals that accelerate the occurrence of plaque formation, so it gradually became a blockage that prevents blood to flow normally.

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Lumbrokinase is one of the results of breakthrough nanotechnologies are derived from enzymes found in worms. Lumbrokinase acts similarly to nattokinase. Both has been proven to prevent and disperse blood clots. This means it has secondary fibrinolysis actions (blood clots which are dissipated by medication), and it is also a thrombolytic natural medication (cardiovascular treatment), meaning that it helps to thin blood. For information, primary fibrinolysis is your bodies natural means of dispersing coagulation which is weak in some individuals.

The big difference between lumbrokinase and nattokinase is where it comes from. Whereas nattokinase comes from the stinky fermenting process of natto (soy beans), lumbrokinase comes from earthworms. Or more precisely, from the cells of intestinal tissue and fluid of the earthworm. This is yet another natural resource we have available to us. In some cases blood disorder patients may be able to use instead of dangerous medications.


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